Recent Highlights

with Lisa Rotenstein, David Bates, and A Jay Holmgren in Health Services Research

We used EHR usage data for more than 200,000 US ambulatory physicians to examine the relationship between characteristics of clinical notes and outcomes capturing both documentation burden and physician efficiency. We found that physicians with the longest notes spent 39% more time in the EHR after hours than physicians at the median of note length. Top-decile note writers also closed 5.9 percentage points fewer visits on the same day. Templated text (e.g., Epic's SmartTools) demonstrated a non-linear relationship with burden and efficiency, with very low and very high levels of use associated with increased EHR burden and decreased efficiency.

with Dori Cross, Allison Hare, and Sarah Fendrich in Annals of Internal Medicine

We used weekly EHR usage data for more than 300,000 US ambulatory providers to estimate the impacts of the 2021 CMS/AMA Evaluation & Management code guideline change that reduced documentation requirements and simplified criteria for justifying E/M billing codes. We found dramatic immediate shifts upwards in E/M code mix, with the largest changes concentrated in procedural specialties, but no changes in documentation length or the amount of time providers spent authoring notes, suggesting that the change only achieved one of its two stated goals (to simplify billing and reduce documentation burden).

with A Jay Holmgren and Rachel Werner in The American Journal of Managed Care

We used 4 years of hospital survey data coupled with novel difference-in-difference analysis techniques to explore hospital health information exchange networks before and after joining ACOs. We found that joining an ACO increases the breadth of a hospital's HIE network by 30.7%, with larger effects for hospitals in markets with high existing ACO penetration. Hospitals in these markets were also able to expand networks more quickly than hospitals in markets with fewer other ACO participants.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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